Introduction to the Company

Marshall & Co. (Leeds) Ltd. was formed in 2000, when Speedex (Engineering) Ltd. was sold to the IMH Group.  The company was formed by the Marshall Family who founded Speedex and as such have over 70 years combined experience of designing and manufacture of Downstream Extrusion Machinery under the Speedex Name.   In 2001, the IMH Group went into Liquidation and the Intellectual Property of Speedex was purchased by Periplast Equipamentos in Portugal, for whom Marshall & Co. act as Sales Department for much of the world.  Additionally, and more importantly, Periplast has entrusted the supply of spare parts for Speedex Machines to Marshall & Co. as nobody else can equal their experience.



Periplast Equipamentos Industriais Lda. have been manufacturing Extruders, Tooling (for Pipe) and Downstream Machinery since the early 1980's and have a highly skilled workforce producing top quality equipment.  The range is now greatly enhanced by the addition of the Speedex Take-Offs", Saws, Planetary Cutters and Start Up Winch. Machinery is available for Pipe Extrusion to 1600mm diameter, Profile Extrusions including Window Frame Production, Sheets, Compounding & Pelletising in addition to Mixing Plants and Pulverisers.

    • Extruders & Co-Extruders
    • Pipe Tooling (PVC & Polyolefin)
    • Vacuum Tanks & Tables
    • Cooling Baths
    • "Take-Offs"
    • Circular Saws
    • Planetary Cutters
    • Start Up Winch
    • Coilers
    • Discharge Tables
    • Mixing Plants
    • Pulverisers
    • Complete Extrusion Lines for Pipes, Profiles, Sheets, Compounding & Pelletising.

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Spare Parts for Speedex Machinery - Being the original designers and manufacturers of the Speedex Range, nobody is better placed to provide customers with the necessary spare parts for Speedex Machines.  Moreover, and essentially for customer's 'peace of mind', Marshall & Co. are the ONLY Authorised Distributor of spare parts for Speedex Machines.

Additionally, we have 2 unique spare parts for Speedex Machines that save hours of work (and therefore cost) .......

  • "Self-Lubricating" Rubber Topped Conveyor Chains .......... Interchangeable with your existing chains, but these NEVER need greasing. These completely eliminate the problems of either lack of grease or over-greasing. Developed in 2000 by Marshall & Co with a leading chain manufacturer using their patented technology, these chains are unique to us.
  • "Self-Cleaning" Nozzles for Vacuum Tanks & Cooling Baths ......... Interchangeable with your existing nozzles, these do not need stripping and cleaning out.

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Official Agents for Periplast Equipamentos Industriais
Official Distributors of Spare Parts for Speedex Machines.